Diagnostic Mammogram

If something new appears on your regular screening mammogram, you might be asked to return for a diagnostic mammogram. This mammogram is different as it gives a more in depth look at the breast tissue and is used to answer a specific question.

A screening mammogram is performed on everybody, and everybody gets the same four overall pictures taken of their breasts. But with a diagnostic mammogram, our radiologists and mammogram technicians are able to focus in and specifically study the area of concern. They can change the angle of the images, adjust the compression or magnify an area to get a better, more precise view of the questionable area.

While the radiologist analyzes the images, you will be asked to wait in case another view is needed. Once the radiologist determines what is happening in the breast tissue, he or she will explain the findings. This may be only to tell you everything is fine or to set up further imaging or a procedure, which could include a breast MRI, ultrasound, cyst drainage or biopsy.

For information on Contrast Mammography please click here for a printable brochure.