Your Breast Cancer Journey in Fargo

  • You will be informed via phone call from either the breast radiologist or the breast clinic physician about your diagnosis. The nurse navigator is contacted at this time and will follow up with you.

  • The nurse navigator will contact you by phone usually on the same day you receive news of your diagnosis. The nurse navigator educates you about the type of breast cancer, explains what to expect next and coordinates appointments with the multidisciplinary teams based on your cancer type. The nurse navigator provides support and information and can connect you to available resources. For example, if you do not have insurance or have financially related concerns, the nurse navigator can have a patient financial counselor meet with you early on to help address these concerns.

  • You will have multidisciplinary appointments with surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology to discuss treatment options and develop a plan that is best for you. The nurse navigator will help you understand what appointments are needed based on your cancer type. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the nurse navigator at one of these appointments.

  • Following the multidisciplinary appointments, you may be referred to plastic surgery or a genetic counselor depending on your treatment plan.

  • If surgery is first, it is scheduled following the consultation with the breast surgeon. After surgery, you are referred back to the medical and radiation oncologist for appointments to finalize adjuvant treatment plans. The nurse navigator will be in contact with you after surgery and can help with appointments as needed.

  • If neoadjuvant chemo is given, you are referred back to surgery at the appropriate time then radiation oncology, as needed.

  • Once surgeries and/or treatment options are complete, you are referred to a Survivorship Clinic appointment.

  • Patients may be referred to other services/programs throughout their treatment including:
    · Look Good, Feel Better
    · Local/community support groups
    · Embrace Cancer Survivorship Series
    · Psychosocial resources
    · Lymphedema program
    · Just for Women (post-surgery series)