Your Breast Cancer Journey in Sioux Falls

  • After you have been diagnosed, your primary care physician will make a referral to the appropriate physician.

  • In most cases, you can anticipate an appointment with a breast surgeon. At this appointment, the breast surgeon will outline your diagnosis, explain treatment options and help you make decisions concerning your care. You will also be introduced to your nurse navigator. This nurse is assigned to you to help you through your cancer journey. She is here to provide support and information during treatment and answer questions you may have along the way.

  • If the first part of your journey involves surgery, the surgeon will explain all of your options in greater detail. Your surgery date can be schedule at this time, but if you elect to have reconstructive surgery, you will meet with a plastic reconstructive surgeon before your surgery is scheduled.

  • After your surgery is completed and your pathology reports are back, you will be referred to a medical oncologist who will coordinate your treatment plan. Options may include radiation, chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy.

  • You also have the opportunity to meet with a genetic counselor. This is where your genetic risk is evaluated and a blood or cheek swab sample is sent on for further testing if necessary.

  • If you will not be having surgery or if surgery will occur later, you will first be referred directly to a medical oncologist who will coordinate your treatment care plan.

  • Once your surgeries and/or treatment options are complete, you will be invited to schedule a Survivorship Clinic appointment. Here, a certified nurse practitioner will provide you with a detailed report, called a treatment summary, concerning your cancer and the care you received.

  • Throughout your care, you will be introduced to many services offered at Edith Sanford Breast Center. These include:
    · After-Breast-Cancer (ABC) Support Group
    · Look Good, Feel Better
    · Embrace Warm Water Exercise Class
    · Post-mastectomy services
    · Comprehensive lymphedema program
    · Psychosocial resources
    · Nutrition consultant
    · Wellness consultant
    · Bloom Boutique
    · Embrace Cancer Survivorship Series