Sanford Medical Genetics Laboratory

Through key initiatives at Sanford Health, including Edith Sanford and Sanford Imagenetics, a growing number of patients understand the connection between genetics and their health. This has led to an increased demand for genetic testing at the Sanford Medical Genetics Laboratory. The Medical Genetics Laboratory is comprised of two divisions, Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics, with an ever-expanding menu including genetic testing for known or suspected chromosomal abnormalities, germline and somatic cancer testing, rare mendelian disorders such as inborn errors of metabolism, and pharmacogenetics.

In collaboration with primary care physicians, specialists, and genetic counselors, the Medical Genetics Laboratory helps Edith Sanford patients get the answers they need through genetic testing for preventive breast health, breast cancer diagnosis, and targeted breast cancer treatments.

Sanford Health is the only health care system in the Dakotas with a dedicated Medical Genetics Laboratory run by a board-certified diagnostic molecular geneticist and cytogeneticist.


Knowing your genetics can help you avoid cancer through screenings and a preventive care plan.


Having access to your genetic information facilitates a targeted diagnosis of cancer type.


Understanding the genetic basis of cancer and individual genetic response to medication improves your treatment results.